Hello, world!

I'm Francisco H. de Mello, a.k.a. Kiko.

I'm the founder and CEO of Qulture.Rocks (YC W18), a people management suite for the world's most ambitious companies. I'll share with you stuff I write, read, and muse about in articles I hope you'll find useful.

The idea is to share content that’s concentrated on the subject of business management, but I’ll also share interesting content and ideas I’ve been thinking or reading about that might have more to do with strategy, history, science, and other cool subjects. What I hope to give you is different perspectives with which to think about the world (mental models?) that may make your work more productive and/or your life more interesting.

I don't post on a scheduled basis. Actually, I publish very irregularly, and constantly rework on articles I've published in the past. So don't expect a barrage of new articles flooding your inbox.

You may find typos and other sorts of mistakes in here. This is not my day job, so I hope you’ll be patient :) AND, I love feedback, so don't hesitate to shoot me an email at franciscomello [at] hotmail dot com!

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Founder and CEO of Qulture.Rocks (YC W18, acq. by UOL Inc.). Angel investor in Gympass, Creditas, and Cotopaxi. Father of two; lover of books.